What's on tap?
To find out what's on tap, check our Tap List or view our Facebook and Twitter pages, as always feel free to call our tap room at (563) 387 6700.

Do you fill other brewery's growlers?
Yes, we will fill any growler. The only thing we require is that a government warning be on the growler. If your growler does not have one, ask one of our bartenders, and we can provide you with a decal of a government warning for your growler.

Do you sell bottles at your tap room?
We do sell bottles at our tap room. Please check our Facebook and Twitter to see what is available each week. You may also call our tap room at (563) 387 6700 on any day to find out what is available that day.

Can I purchase your beers over the phone or online?
No, we do not sell our beers online or over the phone. We also do not take reservations or hold back beers. We are first come, first serve. However, you can order several of our beers online from John's Grocery here.

Do you have food at your tap room?
We do not have food at our tap room; however, you can order from other places and have it delivered to our tap room. We have a selection of menus at the front of the bar.

Is your tap room pet friendly?
We do not allow pets inside our tap room or on our patio.

Do you allow outside beer or bottle shares at your tap room?
We generally do not allow outside beer or bottle shares at our tap room unless it is a special occasion. Please call the tap room ahead of time at (563) 387 6700 to see if we are having an event that would allow bottle shares.

Do you offer tours at your brewery?
We currently do not offer tours at our brewery.

When will you be releasing ________ beer? Do you have a schedule for beers?
We do not have a set schedule for beers. Many of our specialty releases are done only at the tap room and announcements happen anywhere from 72 hours to 1 hour before the actual release happens. Check our Facebook and Twitter for when releases are announced. Assassin and Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout will be released early 2017.

Where can I find your beers?
Check out our TGLocator to find where taps and bottles are available near you. Once you find a location, make sure to call to confirm they currently have our beers, especially if you plan on making a long trek.

Can I get a keg of ________?
We do not sell kegs directly to consumers. If you are a business and are looking to serve our beers on tap, please send us a message at info@tgbrews.com. Please include if your business is located in Iowa, Minnesota or Wisconsin.

Can I join your mailing list?
We do not have a mailing list.

Can I sign up for Mug Club?
At this time, Mug Club registration is closed. Please stay tuned to our website to see when we will be accepting applications again.